Historic 1880

Josephine Hotel

Call Cathy or Joyce at the Josephine to work out the details of your next event!  We are proud of the services we can provide to the Union Springs AREA.  

Thank You for considering our facility for your business of small group meeting

334 703 0098

Our basic guidelines are below:

Minimum of 10 people (or equivalent fee)

Your Choice of Hot Homemade Bacon/Spinach Quiche bed of Spinach w Crackers


Chicken Salad on Crossaint/or Bed of Spinach with Crackers.  


Your Choice of Fountain Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer or Seltzer Water)

  Tea or Water - Toomers Craft Coffee Blend or Choice Keurig

Private Seating, Small PA, Podium & Large Screen TV for Powerpoint or VideoPrograms

(ask us if you need something else we might be able to assist?)


     1) Reservation for Date/ Area MUST be made the Friday of the week before the Event you are booking.

     2) A minimum of 10 people with a list their Choice of the above lunches (So we can prepare appropriately)

     3) A $50 none refundable deposit must be received before 4pm and that same Friday

We have based our services on the following:  One Hour ($50 value) of dedicated Service to your group providing food and drink.  The cost of the meal per person (10 minimum) is $15 per person due the day of your event.                       

     This means that the actual cost for the whole event would be $20 per person IF you passed the Room fee                                 onto 10 people.  However you must still reserve the area for $50 in advance to hold area  

and for us to plan food preparation.

(The math: $50 advance fee for holding the room/ divided by 10 or 5$ per person = $20 per person)

Like many small business we appreciate the opportunity to service our local Community.   The following takes into consideration the use of our facilities many assets.  The cost of food, heating/cooling, bathrooms, access to both our Black Belt Art Shoppe and Local Museum.  We are proud to provide more than just the basics at our location.  

Thank You for considering us as we hope that all will be mutually blessed the day of your event.