Old Merritt School, Bullock CR 34, west of Midway (NRHP) c. 1921 Listed: 11/2/90

Criteria A: Ethnic Heritage: African American, Education

Old Parsonage for the United Methodist Church, Hwy 82, Midway c. 1888 Listed: 12/19/91

Criteria A: Religion Criteria C: Architecture

Old Union Church, South of Union Springs

c. 1835 Listed: 8/14/75

Criteria A: Religion Criteria C: Architecture

Rainer, Sterling Price, House, 202 Chunnenuggee Avenue, Union Springs c. 1902 Listed: 4/1/10

Criteria C: Architecture

Samuel Sellers Cemetery, Bullock CR 19 2.2 mi SW of Blues Old Stand, Perote Graves 1856-1931 Listed: 11/23/76

Criteria A: Settlement, Social History

Sardis Baptist Church, Union Springs vcn

c. 1847 Listed: 12/19/91 (Listed on NR: 11/29/01) Criteria A: Religion Criteria C: Architecture

St. James C.M.E. Church, Midway

c. 1883 Listed: 12/19/91 Criteria A: Religion Criteria C: Architecture

The “Yellow House,” 204 Chunnenuggee Ave, Union Springs c. 1855 Listed: 11/13/96

Criteria C: Architecture

Town Creek Missionary Baptist Church, 130 County Road 164, Union Springs c. 1834; 1970s Listed: 3/29/12

Criteria A: Religion


Aberfoil School, 1⁄2 mi. off Troy Highway, 5 mi. S. of Union Springs next to the Elizabeth Baptist Church, Union Springs vic.

c. 1945 Listed: 3/24/05

Criteria A: Education, Ethnic Heritage: African American

Chunnenugee Ridge, Chunnenugee Public Gardens, North of Union Springs c. 1840s-50s Listed: 3/5/76

Criteria A: Agriculture

First Baptist Church, Bullock Co Hwy 34, Midway c. 1912 Listed: 12/4/92 Criteria A: Religion

Fitzpatrick United Methodist Church, AL Hwy 110, Fitzpatrick c. 1858 Listed: 6/20/78

Criteria A: Religion Criteria C: Architecture

Foster-Bryan-Brown House, 201 Kennon, Union Springs (NRHP) c. 1852-56 Listed: 9/14/77

Criteria C: Architecture

Hogan, Dr. S.N., House, 117 West Hardaway Avenue, Union Springs c. 1871-1884 Listed: 5/19/98

Criteria C: Architecture

Hunter-Anderson House, 109 Hunter Avenue, Union Springs c. 1843 Listed: 1/14/80

Criteria C: Architecture

Hunter House, 416 North Prairie Street, Union Springs c. 1900 Listed: 3/30/89

Criteria C: Architecture

Kennon-Paulk-Shanks House, 117 Kennon Street, Union Springs c. 1860 Listed: 10/20/77

Criteria C: Architecture

L.M. Moseley / The Homespun, 208 Chunnenuggee Avenue, Union Springs c. 1910 Listed: 5/10/00

Criteria C: Architecture

Memory Chapel Funeral Home (Poe’s Memory Chapel), 324 South Prairie Street, Union Springs c. 1910 Listed: 2/20/14

Criteria A: Ethnic Heritage: African American, Commerce, Community Planning, Social History

Mt. Hilliard Methodist Church, Chunnennuggee Ridge Rd S of Union Springs c. 1856 Listed: 8/6/76

Criteria A: Religion

Old Fitzpatrick Baptist Church

c. 1870s Listed: 9/25/08 Criteria A: Religion

Old Fitzpatrick Post Office, Fitzpatrick Road, Fitzpatrick c. 1908 Listed: 9/25/08

What kinds of properties are eligible for the Alabama Register?

Properties should be at least 40 years old or older and show the authenticity of its location and construction. The property should convey a feeling for the time and place of construction.


What is the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage?

The Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage is a listing of buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts of historical, architectural, and/or archaeological significance.

What does listing in the Alabama Register mean?

Alabama Register listing is an honorary designation and exists to bring attention to and promote the property’s historical significance, thereby encouraging its long-term preservation. The Alabama Register does not restrict the rights of private property owners in the use, development, or sale of the property.

How is the Alabama Register different from the National Register?

To keep recognition of historic properties accessible to the general public, the Alabama Register standards and application process is not as rigorous as the National Register. In addition, the Alabama Register includes properties that normally may not qualify for the National Register, such as moved buildings, reconstructed buildings, and structures less than 50 years old.


I moved here in 2022 into a home on Chunnenuggee Street that was identified as "Boxhall" and had been occupied by its originafamily for more years than most other subsequent  occupants.   The original owner was Sterling Price Rainer who had not only had the home built but was an active citizen in Union Springs history.  

Rainer had served as Probate Judge, City Council, Mayor then as State Legislator

His Home:  This home is eligible for the Alabama Register under Criterion C: Architecture as an excellent example of an early 20th century Queen Anne home. Constructed in 1902-1903, it is among only a few Queen Anne style homes in Union Springs with a "U" shaped Column porch. The entrance hallway with fret-work and decorative metal ceilings are literally among less than 4 homes in the area. The home interior hasbeautiful mahogany wainscoting and other mahogany woodwork. The home features gold leaf molding, solidbrass door knobs and light fixtures, marble inlaid fireplaces with imported tile and mahogany mantles and widestaircases. Imported from France were the intricately patterned metal ceilings and the ornamental filigreewhich was placed above the staircase.

The above is a copy of part of our application which thanks to our wonderful Historian (Dean Spratlan) made part of our search easier.  History is part of the application but, as you will note in the description of the home - we had to know more architecture.   Tax maps, locations, layouts, title searches, etc.  sometimes scar away applicants.  But we can discuss and point you in the right direction..... It can be done and its not all so difficult that you can't do most of it with a little help. (just ask)

Union Springs is a town with an abundance of HISTORY and ARCHITECTURAL gems.

MOST are not recognized for their distinct characteristics and the people who were instrumental in their creation.  

We will be presenting a Powerpoint program giving basic Historical Architectual features in homes of the 1800's & 1900's at the Josephine Art Center in the coming weeks. (Watch facebook and this page for details)   This program was given to licensed Real Estate agents for state credit for several years in a 3 hour format.  The purpose was educate professionals on the attributes and features of these historical homes.  

This program will be catered to familarize homeowners or other interested persons with the historical archetectural features of our local homes.  We will add additional information at the end of the program on how to take this knowledge and apply for Alabama Recognition as an Landmark on thieir register.  

We will offer further assistance beyond this class to assist those who would like assistance to achieve this designation.  Although we cannot gaurantee your application will be accepted we will provide generous amounts of information to assist you.

We were able to get our home on the Register in 2010 (Pic below).   We hope that our efforts will keep a small part of Union Springs History alive for many generations.

Joyce L Perrin

This is not an attempt to keep anyone from contacting the Alabama Historic Commission in Montgomery, but being given to  encourage and take some of the mysteries away from this process making it relatable to those interested.

2-3 hour program - Powerpoint/ Discussion

Lunch Included

Resources to begin your application

$35 per person     DATE: Saturday March 16th  11am til 2pm

Josephine Art Center:  126 N Prairie St., Union Springs, Al 36089   334 703 0098    

email: promiseland@ustconline.net





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THEN   &    NOW

Spend a little time relaxing / lunching at the 1880 HISTORIC JOSEPHINE HOTEL - in Union Springs

SATURDAY 16 MARCH, 2024  11am til 2pm (or when our discussions end)

     3 Hours exposed to Pictures of many of our HISTORIC HOMES (inside/outside)

               Architectural features of the Periods of Historic Homes

               Distinct Designs of Periods of homes (Antebellum, Victorian, Eastlake, Cottage -- to name a few

               PICTURES of the INTERIOR / EXTERIOR of many of our homes here in Union Springs

               Basics of HOW TO get a home on the Alabama Register of Landmark & Heritage (paperwork available post class if interested)

               Question / Answer Period